Puzzle Cats for PC

Hello everybody,

After a “summer of learning” of “Game Maker Studio”, with minecraft 2d tutorials on youtube, I decided to take action with my own game. I am rewriting PuzzleCats in Game Maker Studio and I am planning a release for PC. I hope to have it ready in the following weeks. GMS has been a very friendly game maker GUI tool and I can’t believe how easy everything is with it. Not only to make easy stuff, but also really advanced stuff! And what is more, youtube and www is full of resources, examples and how-to’s.

The graphics designer is having a slow start on our new adventure, because she is making a lot of reading and analyzing the atmosphere of the Mediterranean. I have seen a few drawings, but they are really just ideas. I will be posting drawings as soon as they feel like the game!

Stay tuned!

Marso Games.


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