Moving on

Hello everybody,Thank you all for your kind support.

After releasing our first android game, we have made a lot of thinking and we are coming to some important conclusions. I would like to share these thoughts with you.First of all, we are very proud to have managed to release our first game. It was a beautiful experience building it and we want to make more games. We both love building games and we really want to make this a part of our everyday life.

And now for the big news. We have already started working on our next game! It is going to be an adventure game and it is going to be awesome! We have already finished the outline of the plot and the basic elements of interaction. Everything takes place on an island of the Mediterranean. The main character struggles to save his family and to do so he needs to undertake a journey to unknown places and meet strange creatures he has never seen before. I don’t want to reveal any more information yet, but it’s going to be really atmospheric with hand-made graphics and we are even hoping of hiring a professional for the music.
We have our first schetches and we are moving to a new development tool that is more game-friendly (watching video tutorials all day! Back to school!).
I promise to get back with some more juicy stuff as soon as we have something more solid!
Marso Games